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What Will I Learn?


AMP-AD AdSense Code Example

<amp-ad width="100vw" height="320" 
<div overflow=""></div>

Getting Google AdSense Ad Unit Code

1. Creating AMP Ad Unit

To get AMP-AD Unit code you must select by ad unit tab at the top.

2. Getting AMP Ad Unit Code

You can either pick data-ad-client and data-ad-slot code from here, or just copy the full code snippet.

Placing AMP-AD Script between Head Tags

Placing AMP-AD Units to WordPress Pages

Classic editor (left) and gutenberg editor (right) examples

Using Shortcode to Add AMP-AD Unit Code

Widget Shortcode plugin makes adding the same content over and over again easy.
From now on, AMP-ADs could be added anywhere with just two clicks.

Useful links

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