How Many People Would Survive Out of 1000 CoVID-19 Cases?

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The answer is 966. You can find data sources in reference section below. Design by Connecting the Dots Journal

Numbers from World Health Organization China Report 14th February

Numbers from WHO Media Briefing 3rd March

The Lack of Leadership

Why We Must Stay at Home

How many lives we can save?

With these numbers, if everybody gets coronavirus disease we are talking about the difference between 45,225,400 and 25,207,600 casualties in Europe alone. Or in other words between the whole population of Spain and three times the entire population of Austria. Though it is very unlikely we will reach these numbers because there might be way more cases going around without any symptoms and I personally don’t believe veryone will be infected with CoVID-19.

Mortality Rate of CoVID-19

Finding reliable sources

There is so much content created about the coronavirus crisis and most of it is either bullshit or the echoes of the echoes of the echoes. So many opinions are similar to those used in climate change debates. Phrases like „consensus of doctors” are being used but it is not the work of doctors to tell us the data. They have more important things to do than the work of researchers in their spare time. I wish that out of respect for their hard work most of us would spend some extra few minutes to critically review what we read every day.

Responsibility of a Writer

So one of the most important things all of us can do is not to spread the wrong information. Be skeptical about everything you read, my analysis including. (Just point it out if you notice something, I would appreciate it)


Share this if you feel like people in your country doesn’t isolate as much as they should. It is only better for us as the sooner the outbreak shifts its direction the sooner lockdown will be lifted up.

Special Notice

* Numbers are from laboratory

** Numbers are based on 3rd March Cases/Casualties Worldwide ratio




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Originally published at on March 24, 2020.

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