How does the coronavirus crisis look like in Vienna?

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As of 19th March, as in many countries, the free movement in Austria is limited. The government has announced three main reasons to go out:

1) For work;

2) For food or other essential supplies;

3) To help somebody else.

Besides it, at least in Vienna, it is permitted to do short walks or runs with the people you live with. Gathering of groups above 5 people is strictly forbidden and generally chilling and sitting around is not permitted.

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Currently, Vienna is experiencing the most beautiful part of the year when everything is blooming. It is hard to sit at home thus the authorities are worried about the spring-breakers.

Most of the parks are still open but we expect, and it is officially announced, that they all are going to be closed because people gather there nevertheless. A good thing that Vienna and most of other places in Austria are surrounded by beautiful nature. Here we have Vienna woods, though using public transport for walks is forbidden. You can still use your own car to do so.

Tyrol is currently in quarantine and cannot be reached without a reason.

Most of the cases are outside Vienna, most of the people that are sick are young. The people that are dying of coronavirus disease have other prie-conditions.

People don‘t seem to be depressed. There are many who are playing music and singing through a window. We heard that at 18:00 o‘clock people are applauding the doctors and workers through their windows, though we haven’t experienced it yet in our district.

Overall the people are happy with what the Austrian government is doing to suppress the crisis. It is officially called Team Austria, everybody in different languages through radio are asked to participate.

Now it is your turn. How does life look like in your country?

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