Data Visualization: CoVID-19 Infected Population Estimates

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This infographic shows the possible number of infected people with SARS-CoV-2 based on the current number of deaths.

Variation of Mortality Rate

The simplest answer would be that there are way more infected people than it is detected. It might sound like bad news but actually it is not. It either means that not all of us are infected and those who are — don‘t feel any symptoms.

Even if there are more people infected than these hypothetical numbers, it would only mean that the mortality rate is actually way lower than the provided estimates.

The Positive

I‘ll try to update these estimates every week. Once the numbers equal out, it should mean that the situation is getting stabilized.




Numbers (Cases, mortality rate, 4%, 8%):

Italy — 35,713–2,978–74,450–148,900

Iran — 17,713–1,135–56,750–113,500

Spain — 14,746–638–31,900–63,800

Germany — 12,327–28–1,400–2,800

France — 9,134–264–13,200–26,400

S. Korea — 8,413–84–4,200–8,400

USA — 8,020–125–6,250–12,500

Switzerland — 3,076–33–1,650–3,300

UK — 2,626–104–5,200–10,400

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