Inspired by Eric Weinstein podcast “The Portal”” with Sir Roger Penrose, I decided to toy around a bit with physics & art using my design skills.

As a tribute to the podcast, I’ll start with spinors which are physical and geometrical objects in complex space. The interesting thing about spinors is that they have a property of being the opposite of what they were after rotating by 360°. It takes 720° for them to make a full rotation.

Image for post
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This is an artist interpretation. Alis Monte, Digital Artwork, 2020


The simplest way to understand this is to give an extra dimension to space. Imagine object rotating by 360° on the x-axis and by 180° on the y-axis. The object has rotated by 360° but now is the opposite of what it was before because of rotation on the y-axis. Do the same rotation again and the object will return to its original position.

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